30 WATT, 12 VDC Power Converter

Uniiband, a leader in wireless CCTV & solar power solutions, proudly introduces the Viper PC10-30 Power Converter.

PC10 works just like solar, but no solar panel.

Viper PC10 remote power converters are the ultimate non-solar power solution for surveillance cameras and accessories. PC10 power converters install on light poles and charge when the lights are on, providing 24/7 battery uptime during day and night.

PC10’s are used in applications where existing light poles are desired for mounting CCTV cameras, such as parking lots, bridges, streets and highways. With no solar panel required, wind load, installation and maintenance are significantly reduced.

When combined with UniibandViper radios, PC10 is a turnkey kit solution providing power and communication for each video camera, sensor, switch or illuminator on the light pole.

Installation is fast and easy with an industrial grade aluminum/ stainless steel enclosure, 2 electrical knockouts for power and data, multiple 48Vdc PoE+ power/data ports, industrial electrostatic (ESD) lightning arrestor and lockable latches to secure the enclosure.

PC10 can be ordered in various sizes to meet your power requirements and are compatible with all Viper radio products.

Electrical Specifications

• Input Voltage: 110 – 480 Vac. Factory configurable
• Input current: .54 Amperes/.31 Amperes Maximum
• Input Frequency: 50 – 60 Hertz, Single Phase
• Input Power: 33VA Typical, 150VA Maximum
• Output Voltage: 12Vdc
• Output Current: 2.5 Amperes
• Output Power: 30 Watts
• Battery: 12Vdc, 50AH, Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM)
• Fuse, Input: 2 Amp, Class CC
• Temperature: -40C – +60C

Mechanical Specifications

• Size: 16”H x 16”W x 10”D
• Construction: .125 Aluminum, Vented
• Hardware Stainless Steel
• Latching mechanism Lockable with Padlock
• Mounting Set up for pole or wall mounting
• Certifications NEMA IP-66, UL Listed for US and Canada

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