V-Bridge 300

Uniiband, a leader in innovative wireless broadband network solutions, proudly introduces the Viper 300 radio series.

Viper 300 is a high performance MIMO wireless platform offering single to multiple radio receiver, transmitter and repeater models.

The ultra-wide frequency range, antenna selections and extra POE+ ports provide integrators the ultimate simplicity and flexibility in deploying wireless networks in uncontrolled environments.

With actual data rates of 230 Mbps, Viper 300 delivers constant capacity to stream high resolution video, audio, VoIP and live recordings without interruption of camera control or loss of data.

Installation is fast and easy with an all cast aluminum enclosure, universal mounting kit, 1 Cat-5/6 cable for power and data.

Key Features

  • P2P / P2MP / Bridge / Backhaul / MESH
  • 1-3 internal broadband radios
  • Bandwidth of 230 Mbps throughput
  • Range of 5 and 10 miles at maximum throughput
  • Frequency 4900 to 5920 MHz
  • Adaptive Noise Immunity
  • Dynamic Frequency Selection
  • High gain integrated MIMO panel antenna
  • Type-N MIMO ports for exact antenna selection
  • 1 to 3 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports with Auto-MDI/X
  • Up to 2 POE+ 802.3at power output ports
  • AES 256 / 3DES encryption and VLAN support
    for enhanced security
  • Industrial-grade cast aluminum enclosure/mount
  • Includes universal mounting kit and POE supply
  • Windows-based GUI and Web browser interface
    for programming and monitoring
  • Tested and delivered with a site map drawing
  • Downward Compatibility

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